Water Leak Detection Services

MMS Building Contractor Network offer water leak detection services

Using our vast experience and knowledge with dealing with situations such as water leak detection teamed up with our specialist equipment we are able to trace and access your water leak efficiently and effectively causing minimal disruption to yourself, your home or your business.

There are various types of water leaks that can occur in a property. Some are trivial to treat, but some have the ability to leave lasting damage to a property if left unidentified and untreated. If you believe you have a water leak it is essential that you call us so we can appoint a locally vetted tradesman to your premises to carry out a noninvasive series of checks.

With modern day equipment, we are able to avoid tearing up floors or stripping back brickwork to identify what could or could not be a leak. We use thermal imaging with scans over the possible effected areas to see if there are any irregular temperatures. This process is highly effective as it pinpoints the water leak, accurate up to 1cm.

A large benefit to carrying out water leak detection in this way is that we are able to fix the leak without damaging any unnecessary materials in your home, such as expensive floors or large sections of plaster. After we have resolved the problem we are able to restore your premises to its previous condition.

To find out more please contact one of our friendly call center operatives who will be able to advise you accordingly. Call Today 08000 433 999

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