Trace and Access

What is Trace and Access?
MMS Building Contractor Network offer trace and access services

A leaking pipe is commonly known as one of the most costly types of damage to occur within home or business premises. Pipes and water mains are almost always boxed in and are covered by plaster or brink and sometimes beneath floor boards, therefore it is very difficult to establish the source or exactly where the damage is being caused. Trace and Access is the process of identifying the source so that the EXACT location of the water leak can be accessed.

It is inevitable at some point in an average household’s life span that a pipe may burst or spring a leak behind the foundations of a building. As the pipe is not visible, you may know that damage is being caused in the form of dampness or even water seeping through cracks in walls, ceilings or floors but you cannot pinpoint the affected area accurately. Not being able to pin point the affected area is what will cost you more than it should as some may try to tear up floorboards or plaster to try and find the pipe.

How We Can Assist

At The MMS Building Contractor Network we have an experienced team of trace and access experts who know exactly what to do in the event of a concealed water leak. We have the specialist equipment to be able to trace the water leak and access it, within accuracy of 1cm. The way we do this is that we have equipment such as thermography and listening devices which work by scanning the property and showing a visible thermal image of where the damaged pipe is.

Insurance Related Information

One of the benefits of instructing The MMS Building Contractor Network to perform any trace and access work on your property is that we also offer a loss adjusting service. We will actively deal with your trace and access claim on your behalf, liaising with your insurance provider helping you receive exactly what you are entitled to. In doing this we will ensure the settlement you receive will undoubtedly cover all trace and access work as well as restoration of affected areas.

For more details on how we can help you, please contact one of our professional call center operatives who will guide you step by step on what to do next. We will also instruct one of our locally vetted contractors to visit your property within just hours of your initial contact. Call Today On 08000 433 999