Help For Cumbria Flood Victims
23rd December 2015
E-cigarettes Causing House Fires
27th May 2016

Homes and businesses have been hit hard by the recent flooding events in Yorkshire and Lancashire over the Christmas weekend. Between 300 and 400 were evacuated from York by the River Ouse and River Foss, with hundreds more believed to be at risk. Britain faced even further flooding, with Storm Eva battering parts of the country with winds of up to 70mph.

The Environment Agency has 30 severe flood warnings in place for the north-east and north-west of England and more than 180 flood alerts across England and Wales. Some areas in the north have seen three times the amount of average monthly rainfall this December, with some regions receiving over 40mm of rain in 24 months.

Areas of northern England, including some parts of Manchester and Leeds, were submerged by up to 6ft of water after a month’s worth of rainfall struck in one single day. Home and business owners in Cumbria prepared a flood clean-up for the third time this month.


How Can We Help?

MMS Building Contractor Network are a flood restoration company who have specialists available and ready to be on site as soon as possible. All of our repair work is completed to the extremely high standards in which you would expect and our aim is to do this in the shortest amount of time possible. This allows you to get back into your home or business as soon as possible. We ensure that:

The area is made safe

All materials are fully dried

The area and surrounding areas affected are restored back to their original conditions

A certificate of dryness is issued on completion

We also ensure that our clients have the best help and advice possible when it comes to submitting a claim to their insurer. This is why we work with a loss adjusting group which offers nothing but the best. We do this to ensure that you receive your full entitlement under the terms and conditions of your policy. This service comes at no cost to you as we cover the cost on your behalf.


Call us now on 08000 433 999 for more information or if your property has been affected by the recent flooding events. Don’t suffer alone, and don’t settle for less.