The extent of the damage caused by fire may not be seen at first. Water may have infiltrated your walls and the devices used to save your property may have caused more damage. This could potentially cause the damage to be more challenging to repair however MMS contractors have the necessary experience to fully restore your property.


When water damages you home it can corrode materials and provides a breeding ground of bacteria and mould, as well as adding a whole range of other damage such as cracking within in walls and causing faults in electrics. Our MMS Contractors use the latest equipment to find the true source of the damage helping us treat your damaged property.


Escape of water is when your property has been damaged by a burst water pipe or any other water related damage. MMS contracting have a lot of experience dealing with these situations and can resolve your problem and get you back to living your day to day life.


Impact damage is when your property has sustained damage from a fallen tree or vehicle collision. If an object has collided with your property it can be structurally damaging and could be complicated to repair. MMS building contractor network have the required experience and knowledge to make sure your damaged property is completely repaired.


Storm damage is when your property has been damaged during a storm. Examples of storm damage could be fallen trees, fallen lamp posts or other weather-related damage. MMS contracting offer a great service of help in these situations and you can rely on them to fully restore your property after a stressful situation.


If your property has been broken into and damage has been caused, MMS are here to help you. Broken windows, damaged valuables, smashed in doors are all signs of your property being broken into. This can understandably be a very distressing time which is why MMS contractors offer a speedy service to restore your property and get it back to its pre-loss condition.


MMS contracting are teamed up with the PLA group to help get a fair settlement during your claim. Public Loss Adjusters will deal with negotiating your claim with your insurance company on your behalf. We work closely with PLA and can assure you that they will reach fair outcome within your claim.