When Your Property Suffers From Impact Damage We Will Be On Call To Assist

MMS Building Impact Damage Services

Impact damage is more common than people think. Whether your property sustains damage from a falling tree or vehicle collision, an object colliding with your property can be highly damaging and is often difficult to fix. Safety and security are paramount in these circumstances, which is why MMS Building Contractor Network have the resources and knowledge to ensure that your damaged property is made safe.

Our team of professionals include Structural Engineers, RICS Surveyors and Architects. MMS Building Contractor Network will ensure that your property is returned to its pre-impact condition.

We are a specialist damage repair builders network and utilise our specialist equipment and expertise to help you with your property impact insurance claims. We will compile a detailed estimate of all damage and make your property and the surrounding area safe. We will attend all meetings with the insurance company or their appointed Loss Adjusters on your behalf to ensure you receive your full entitlement for all repair and restoration works that are undertaken on your property.

MMS Building Contractor Network provide end to end management of the impact damage claims process from initial call through to completion with absolutely no cost to you.

We Can Resolve Your Impact Damage At No Cost To You:

  • We are available 24/7 365 days a year for advice and emergency works.
  • We negotiate directly with the insurance company to ensure you receive your full entitlement.
  • We will communicate with you & keep you involved in the decision making process at all times giving you free online access to our claims system.
  • We will invoice the insurance company direct upon your complete satisfaction.

MMS Building Contractor Network can provide complete management of the claims process from initial call through to completion at absolutely no cost to you.