E-cigarettes Causing House Fires
27th May 2016

Road closed and flood sign due to heavy rain and floods

Flood Warnings

There have been recent flood warnings across Wales and Central and Southern England. We urge everyone to stay safe whilst the flood warnings have been published. Last year, floods cost home owners of the UK millions of pounds and made insurance companies fork out even more.

Floods can cause catastrophic damage to homes and can often cause the structure of the property to deteriorate. It can be a very costly event that no one can really prepare for as they can happen at any time and there is only a minuscule amount of protection from it.

How To Protect Yourself From Floods

There are a few ways that you can prevent some of the extreme amount of damage that is caused by floods. Move any electrical and other appliances upstairs where the water will not be able to damage them so you won’t have to pay more money for them to be replaced. Make sure your drainage system is adequate and cleared so the water can easily flow away from your house.

Shut off all electricity from the breaker before the flood strikes to prevent any damage or accidents that can occur from leaving it on. You can also purchase sandbags to put in front of any gaps which may let water flow into your property to mitigate any major damage.

How Public Loss Adjusters Can Help You

When a disaster such as a flood does strike, Public Loss Adjusters can help you deal with the whole situation. We can help you deal with your insurance claims. We know what a difficult time it can be when an incident like this does occur, but we are able to take a lot of pressure off your shoulders.

We deal with the insurers directly for you so you get the best possible settlement fee and so you don’t have to waste your valuable time on dealing with your insurance company. When the floods do strike, we urge everyone to stay safe and follow the safety instructions we have given.