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When your property has sustained damage from a fire or flood, the MMS Building Contractor Network are here to assist. We are a national group of building repair experts. Our professionals are property restoration experts here to restore your home back to its previous condition. We cover Perth and all adjacent regions.

Our contractors are chosen based on their building skills. As well as their fire and water damage repair experience. If you are unfortunate enough to have suffered fire or water damage to your home or business we are readily available around the clock with our nationwide helpline.

Access to Free Loss Adjusters When Using Our Services

MMS Building Contractor Network recommend a group of independent loss adjusters who work for the public instead of your insurance provider. Instead of you having to negotiate with your insurer they will negotiate on your behalf to ensure that you receive a fair and full settlement.

The independent loss adjusters we recommend ensure that all damage is identified at the first instance. This ensures that complications do not arise once your insurance provider has initially resolved your property damage claim. If you hire us for your flood or fire damage repair work we provide free loss adjusting to all our insured customers.

Get an Insurance Approved Builders Quote in Perth

Has your insurer asked you to obtain a building repair quote? MMS Building Contractor Network are insurance approved builders who have comprehensive experience of repairing homes and businesses which have become affected by a fire or flood.

If you require an estimate from insurance approved builders please feel free to call us on 08000 433 999. Alternatively, please feel free to fill in our building quote form with a bit of information and we will get back in touch with you shortly.

Please Note: We are only able to offer free building repair quotes for your insurer when you sign up to professional insurance claims management services from our selected suppliers.

Fire Restoration Services

MMS Building Contractor Network realise that any time a building is damaged by fire the effect on your life is huge. As well as the destruction that has occurred to your property there could be personal possessions that may be lost forever. We can take some of the burden off you by not only restoring your damaged building back to its former glory, we are able to provide help and assistance in ensuring you receive all you are entitle to with your insurance claim.

Our Perth fire restoration team have the knowledge and expertise to deal all the destruction resulting from a fire to your home or business. For example, when a fire is extinguished, damage from water could be another problem that needs to be addressed. There are also the effects of smoke damage and heat damage that may impact the inner structure of your property. Irrespective of the amount of damage, we have the skills and expertise to carry out all repairs.

We can recommend and even cover the costs of an independent loss adjusting company who can help with your insurance claim (see loss adjusting section).

Flood Damage Restoration Services

In recent times flooding in the UK has become more frequent. With more suffering the effects of water damage MMS Building Contractor Network have had to increase the number of flood restoration contractors in order to cover demand. If your property has suffered from water damage, we are here to help.

As with any flood damaged property, prior to beginning any restoration work our Perth flood restoration team will need to eliminate any remaining dampness and water within your property. Secondary damage must be identified as water may find its way into hidden areas of your property such as wall cavities and floorboards.

If secondary water damage is not identified and dealt with in the first instance it is likely to cause complications after the visible damage has been repaired. There are also health risks to think about due to bacteria and mould that can result from your property not being dried out properly. We use the latest drying equipment and infra-red water detection equipment to ensure your home is completely dry prior to starting the process of restoring your property.


Please Note! Due to increased demand, we charge £275 + VAT for building repair quotes.

However, the good news is that we have teamed up with the UK’s most trusted insurance claims management group. They can offer inclusive estimates if you sign up for their services.

Working for you - Not your insurer, Public Loss Adjusters negotiate all aspects of your claim to ensure you receive a full and fair settlement.

The great thing about this is that if you then choose to appoint an MMS Insurance Approved Contractor, they will pay their claims management fees on your behalf. It’s a win-win situation!

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