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Welcome to MMS Building Contractor Network Norwich. We are a group of local building contractors who specialise in building restoration work for insurance companies. We are fire and flood restoration experts and have expert local builders in Norwich and all adjoining areas ready to help you.

With many years of experience in dealing with fire and water damage repair, MMS Contracting know exactly what to do for a property owner who finds themselves in this situation. That's why we make sure that everything is put in place for any restoration work to begin and finish in the shortest time possible.

We have specialist loss adjusters who can deal directly with your insurance company for you. From your initial contact, we aim to visit your Norwich premises as soon as possible - not only to assess all damage that may have occurred, but also to make the immediate area safe and secure. Our loss adjusters will complete a full evaluation of the damage in order to make certain that nothing is missed out from your insurance claim.

With the majority of fires and water leaks there will be extra hidden damage that may not be discovered initially, which is why it is important for our loss adjusters to discover this as soon as possible. This will ensure that you receive your full entitlement on your insurance claim.

Fire Restoration

A fire causing damage to your home or business can be extremely distressing, which is why our Norwich fire restoration experts are here to help return your property back to its pre-loss state in the least amount of time possible. With our helpline we are available to answer your concerns night or day.

Once you make the initial call to our helpful and friendly call centre, we can arrange straight away for a team to secure your property or home and make certain the surrounding area is safe. This will not only prevent any further damage but also eradicate any risk to public safety.

Fire destruction is not the only issue to deal with in a fire, as water and smoke damage will inevitably play a major part in the destruction as well. Our Norwich MMS building contractors have a wealth of skills and experience to restore your property back to its pre-loss state.

The destruction caused to a home from a fire will normally result in smoke and water damage too. As with all fire repair work, this will be taken into account and we will work with your insurer to make sure you are given your full entitlement on your insurance claim.

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Water Damage Repair

There can be a variety of reasons why your residence might be damaged from water. This might be down to localized flooding due to bad weather conditions, or an escape of water from a broken water pipe. Either way our Norwich flood restoration experts are here to help out.

Not only can water damage make your house dangerous with structural damage, it may even become a threat to your health. It can stimulate the growth of life forms such as germs and mould. There is also is the possibility of secondary damage such as dry rot with homes with timber frames.

Our Norwich water damage restoration experts will start off the repair process by discovering the source of the water in order to cut off the flow and prevent it from leading to more harm. The drying out procedure would then commence with the use of the very latest drying technologies, such as our specialized dehumidifier machines. Once your building is thoroughly dried out, we can then begin the process of restoring your property back to the way it was prior to water damage.

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Has your insurer asked you to obtain a builders estimate? The MMS Building Contractor Network aren't your average builders simply because we only work as insurance approved builders which only repair homes or businesses that have been damaged by fire, flood, escape of water, impact or theft.

If you require a quote from an insurance approved building company then please feel free to call us on 08000 433 999. Alternatively, please feel free to fill in our online builders quote form with a few details and we will get back to you shortly.

MMS Building Contractor Network

As a national contractors network with a very good reputation, we can afford to be choosy when deciding which building companies should represent us within our network. As a result, we only allow IICRC or BDMA certified builders that are qualified to senior tech level. All of our Norwich contractors are also licensed by most of the associations you should expect within the building trade:

  • City & Guilds Qualified
  • NICEIC - Registered Electricians
  • FENSA Registered
  • CHAS - Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme
  • Gas Safe Registered

We offer outstanding customer service, from the moment you get in touch to completion of work. Our Norwich helpline is available whenever you may need us, so we can be there to address any enquiry you may have.

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