Repair Services Resulting From an Escape Of Water

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Whether the water damage comes from a burst pipe, river flooding or roof ingress, the correct management of the drying and repair process is essential. If correct procedure is not followed, then it can often make the damage even worse. This is why our independent contractors are fully trained in taking exactly the right course of action.

Damage resulting from water is progressive. If the property is allowed to remain wet, the restoration process will be more difficult as any moisture cannot be properly dissipated. This means the property will become more waterlogged. Merely stopping the source of the incoming water does not stop further damage, though it is a critical first step in making sure that the damage does not worsen any more.

Once the source of the water leak has been dealt with, MMS Building Contractor Network can go about doing what we are best at, repairing any damage that has been caused. Before you know it, your property will be restored back to it's previous state. With our network covering the whole of the UK, you can be assured that you are never too far away from an MMS Contractor.

If your property has suffered an escape of water from a burst pipe or any other type of water leak, MMS Building Contractor Network provide management with the insurance claims process from call through to completion, at absolutely no cost to you.

We send professional loss adjusters to fight your case entirely on your behalf. This means that you will gain your full entitlement to cover all costs incurred, at no cost to you.

MMS Building Contractor Network Will Provide The Following At No Cost To You:

  • We are available 24/7 365 days a year for advice and emergency works.
  • We negotiate directly with the insurance company to ensure you receive your full entitlement and where necessary can provide an FSA chartered Loss Adjuster to handle the claim on your behalf at our cost. Absolutely NO hidden costs!
  • We will communicate with you & keep you involved in the decision making process at all times, giving you piece of mind.
  • We will invoice the insurance company direct upon your complete satisfaction.

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